Grishko Dream Pointe Vegan

Grishko 0527V
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Ballet pointe shoes

Due to the growing interest in ballet spikes made without animal ingredients, they made a special sole in Grishk without leather. It has the same characteristics and appearance as the leather sole. If you're vegan or vegetarian, then you'll be happy with the ballet spikes and vegan sole of the pulp.

"Vegan spikes" can be obtained with a special order, so it takes a while to produce them. We will notify you of the exact delivery date after receipt of the order (depending on the model, width, size and hardness of the sole). Usually, however, the production takes an additional 4 weeks on the delivery period stated in the general conditions (2 - 6 weeks).

- Wing block for more lateral support and comfort. Medium platform and narrow box for long and fine feet. Suitable for "Egyptian" or tapered feet.
- Canvas upper
- Size: 1 to 20
- Width : N, M, W, X
- We recommend this pointe shoes for students


The top is made of satin, a cotton lining, soles are machine-stitched.


Spikes are designed according to the last grishko model 2007


3x life span according to classical spikes, due to new materials without chemicals.


The cap is made of natural materials that absorb moisture and adapt to the foot.


The inner sole is handmade with great care of the feet and for each foot technique. 


The front is made with a special softness pad and maximum comfort.