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Comfortable, elegante, beautiful…


In them dance the best dance teachers, dancers, choreographers, as well as beginners and social dancers.

In addition to dancing, they are also used for festive events, business events, cultural events...

They are used by theatres: SNG Drama Ljubljana, MGL Ljubljana, SNG Opera and Ballet Ljubljana, Celje Theatre, Novogorisko Theatre... You see them in mamma mia, grease and the POP TV show The Stars Dance. Our customers are also from abroad (Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Italy...).

When you decide to buy online and choose your shoes, we will call you and discuss your choice and advise you. Some models can be supplied to you immediately and are in stock in our physical shop in Ljubljana, on Jurčkova 70, on Rudnik, others we have to order. The stock is changing. Payment can be made by credit card (which will only be charged to you after you call and reconcile your preferences) or to a TRR. We don't have a delivery payment. Since we are mold teachers ourselves and have been selling dance shoes since 1992, you can trust us to give you a good advice and find the best solution for you with you.

If your chosen model or number doesn't suit you, we're flexible and we'll find another shoe suitable for you.






Supadance, London

Making the best shoes takes place in several stages manually with experienced manufacturers and masters. Constant control and highest quality. Development and new technologies. New models and a connection to dancers...






Werner Kern, Germany

German design accuracy and Italian manufacturing experience give excellent results.






Portdance, Portugal

Excellence in craftsmanship, fresh design, excellent quality, softness and comfort. Enough stuff to convince you to buy.

Items from Top world brands: Supadance London, Dance Naturals Italy, Werner Kern Germany, Intermezzo Spain,...


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