Footwear for dance and sport


The comfort of movement…

We offer you footwear of renowned brands. The products are largely made by hand, are comfortable, designed for dancing and festive occasions.

The production is based on a long tradition. We've been selling dance shoes at salsa dance shop since 1992. With our experience they will also advise you and help you make your choice.

SUPADANCE, United Kingdom

Leading producers who made one of the first dance shoes. Their shoes are worn by both world champions and initial social dancers. Salsa Has been selling them since 1992.

SUPADANCE, United Kingdom

Video of how one of the best shoes in the world is made.





PortDance is one of the leading producers of dance footwear. They make shoes for social dances, latin, salsa, kizombo and tango. They're made in Portugal.

With dedication, PortDance makes beautiful dance shoes, the highest quality and exceptional comfort. Materials are carefully selected and manufacturing techniques meet the highest standards.

PortDance shoes provide basic features relevant to the dance world: Quality, Sensuality, Glamour and Flexibility.


Werner Kern's German shoes are manufactured in Italy and combine Italian design and German precision in design. We have been selling them at the Salsa Dance Salon for several years and we have many satisfied customers who like to return and complement their wardrobe with new models.

They are comfortable and soft and with different models and heights of heels, they serve even the most demanding leg.

They have several brands: Werner Kern, Anna Kern, Nueva Epoca and Bridal.

RUMPF, Germany

Excellent sneakers and social dance shoes come from Germany and are made in Italy.


Capezio has been making dance shoes since 1886 and is a leader in the manufacture of step shoes.