Useful tips how to glue Swarovski stones on fabrics

Tips how to glue Swarovski stones on fabrics and other materials

-Using Swarovski stones following instructions bellow is easy and pleasant. You can glue them to suits, shirts, swimwear, jeans, belts, sunglasses, wallets, purses, shoes ...

You can make excellent jewelry: rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, hair clips, tie pins, cuff links, buttons, buckles for shoes ...

Step 1: Select a suitable color, size and effect of stones according to the material on which we will use. It is best to bring a sample with you.

Step 2: Note that the quantity of stones depends on size, density and image of the final result. Sometimes less is more.

Step 3: For bonding you prepare a suitable basis and all accessories: glue, tweezers, paper towels, liquid glass cleaners. 

Step 4: Glue (gel, which you can get in Dance Shop Salsa) is applied to the basis and not on the stone! The amount of glue, which is applied, must be just right. Since the glue is in the form of gel, nothing drops (delicate fabrics will not be spilled). We suggest you to apply the amount of glue which is half the size of the stone.

Step 5: Place the stone on applied glue and gently press down. (excessive pressing is not necessary). In the case that the pressure beneath the stone squeeze a larger amount of glue means that we have put too much glue.

Step 6: Stone is glued in a few seconds, it finally dries after approx. 20 minutes. Then clean the stones with glass cleaner and a soft cotton cloth. Swarovski stones will get a high shine.

Lately it is very popular to have cell phone covered with Swarovski stones.
It is also very popular Swarovski Tatoo that can be apllied directly on the skin. You can get Swarovski Tatoo in Dance shop Salsa!