Pointe Shoes

Tips how to buy pointe shoes
Step 1: Before buying ballet shoes, make sure nails are cut and if you have blister cover oit with plaster.

Step 2: bring ballet socks (long).

Step 3: Despite the large selection of shoes is very important to find your appropriate foot. Take your time when measuring the foot size, it will be much easier to dance in an appropriate shoes.

Step 4: First, check whether your foot is narrow or wide. Shoes come in different widths.

Step 5: Ballet slippers are also different hardness. We suggest you choose a soft or medium-hard shoes.

Step 6: As the shoes are hard we suggest you to use silicone or foam pads. 

Step 7: Tips for measuring ballet shoes:

-check the length of the shoe to the second step ballet positions demi plié. Fingers should be fully stretched, touching the end of the shoe, but it should not urge.
-check the width of the shoe to step into a parallel position, arch touching and push the foot above the ground. Sole shoe must fit the foot as much as possible, soil should not be rubbing against shoes. Calcaneus may not take off. The same repeat with the other foot.
-check it, if the shoes offer enough foot support. Sitting on the floor, set feet set on the tip just under the knee. Now weight on the hands. If shoes fits well, you can get up and put on the tip.
if the foot or toes hurt, or do not provide support, it is necessary to look for other shoes and repeat the whole process.